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The network facilitates meetings, seminars and conferences about different themes on the field of manorial and country house studies.

The network produces applications for larger-scale activities such as common research and education projects, heritage projects, public initiatives and other common interests of the network

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From September 21st to 23rd  2017 The Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies will host the conference A Manorial World arranged by the network as part of the Aarhus European Capital of Culture celebrations. The conference will take place at Gammel Estrup - The Manor Museum, Denmark.

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Denmark, 2015:

From 6th to 7th October 2015 Gammel Estrup - the Manor Museum hosted the international conference 'European Encounters. Estates and Landscapes'. The central theme of the conference was the estate and the manorial landscape. The conference examined the physical, social and symbolic interaction of the house, gardens and estate lands in a historical perspective. It explored similarities and differences in regions across Europe and discussed how estate landscapes are preserved and interpreted as cultural heritage today. Crossing traditional boundaries between history, archaeology, art history, architecture and heritage management, the conference programme presented acclaimed scholars and participants from a number of European countries.  Conference Report &  Conference Programme.

The group of 40 participants welcomed the opportunity to learn about and compare estate landscapes from different parts of Europe, and to share the common interest in houses, estates and landscapes. The conference concluded with the formation of 'ENCOUNTER: European Network for Country House and Estate Research' among the conference participants.

UK, 2016:

The second ENCOUNTER workshop was successfully completed after two days of interesting presentations and discussions about the Nordic Country House at King's Manor in York on the 20th and 21th September 2016.

The workshop was hosted by the University of York and brought together academics and curators from across Northern Europe to discuss the changing role of the country house in the cultural and economic networks between Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic States from the eighteenth to the twentieth century.

One of the themes discussed was the physical, social and ideological landscape of the country houses in different national, regional and historical contexts. A second theme presented a number of interesting examples from museums and heritage projects concerning restoration of landscapes, buildings and interiors and the dissemination of the life in the country houses. Last but not least the workshop also themed the economic and organizational challenges for the country houses and the cultural heritage today.

The workshop gave an inspiring input for the participants and the ENCOUNTER network members for the further work with research, conservation and dissemination of the Northern European Country House

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